Allergies! Take Action Now!

Allergies! Take Action Now!

Do you have allergies? If you get a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneeze a lot, chances are you’re allergic to something, and it can make life harder, for sure. The most common allergens include pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander, insect stings, latex, and certain food and medications.

Basically, an allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction. Maybe your sinuses get irritated easily, or your skin “breaks out” when exposed to certain things. Allergies can often make it difficult for people to breathe in certain situations.

Anytime your body takes in a substance it deems bad for you it will try to get it out of you. So, when you sneeze, cough, or vomit, your body is trying to help you. Meanwhile, inflammation is another way your body indicates something’s wrong somewhere. Now this is interesting: with allergic reactions, your body generally isn’t too worried about the substance itself; instead, it’s worried that the substance may be harmful to you.

When your body gets worried that a certain substance is going to hurt you there are cells which release histamines. These are chemicals which get your body to react in a way that the harmful substances are removed.

Allergies and the nervous system go hand-in-hand. A chiropractor who makes adjustments on the nervous system can help reduce allergy symptoms. How is this so? Well, if the spine is misaligned, irritation occurs. An “abnormal” signal gets received by the central nervous system and your body doesn’t process the information correctly, resulting in an allergic reaction.

Ask around and find out if friends or family members can tell you chiropractic care has helped them deal with their allergies in a way that has truly helped them live a better life. While it’s not helpful for all people, it can definitely be helpful for some.

If you’re currently annoyed by allergic reactions, visit New City Chiropractic Center. The chiropractor can help you figure out what’s going on and then take actions to help alleviate the problems associated with allergies. Rather than take pills, consider chiropractic care for natural healing. For an appointment, call 845-634-8877.

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