Did you know that chiropractic can help with autism? Regular chiropractic care, with your autism doctor Lakeland FL, can help these children become more relaxed and well behaved.

Autism affects about 1 in 68 births in America, according to statistics compiled by the Center for Disease Control in 2014. Currently, about 3.5 million Americans are living with an autism spectrum disorder, and autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability.

So what does having autism or one of its “cousins” like ADD/ADHD or Aspergers mean? It means a person has difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.

You’re probably wondering how New City Chiropractic, an autism doctor Lakeland FL, can help a child with these conditions. The specific chiropractic adjustment restores proper balance and alignment to the nervous system. Therefore, a person’s central nervous system also experiences balance and, ultimately, functions better than without chiropractic care.

Oftentimes children with autism or autism spectrum disorders have an over-stressed nervous system. Their brain is in stress mode rather than growth-development-healing mode. The chiropractor locates the area on the patient’s body, typically on their upper neck, to manipulate the body out of this sympathetic fight or flight mode.

How do you know if your child is autistic? Most parents first become concerned when their child is around 18 months old and doesn’t play like other kids would. If they don’t take an interest in other children, they don’t point at things showing interest, or bring the parent objects for show, they might have autism.

Researchers who carried out a series of chiropractic adjustments on 26 autistic children over a 9-month period found an improvement in certain reflexes and sensations, an increase in neck range of motion, and improved bladder and bowel control. Their attention span improved, too, while hyperactivity and aggressive behavior were reduced.

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