Chiropractic Care For High Blood Pressure?

Chiropractic Care For High Blood Pressure?

chiropractic-care-lakelandMost people who have high blood pressure automatically resort to taking blood pressure medications their doctor prescribes in order to lower their numbers. High blood pressure is defined as blood pressure above 140/90, and is considered severe if the pressure is above 180/120. Left untreated, it can cause health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure plays a role in people having heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and chronic heart failure. Obviously, it’s not something you want.

Interestingly, studies have shown that chiropractic care can significantly lower high blood pressure. For example, a placebo-controlled study lead by George Bakris, MD, the director of the University of Chicago hypertension center, found that eight weeks after undergoing chiropractic care, 25 patients with high blood pressure had significantly lower blood pressure than 25 patients who underwent a “fake” treatment.

At issue in this particular study was the realignment of the Atlas vertebra, also known as the C-1 vertebra. It’s the doughnut-like bone at the top of the spine. Those who had chiropractic care on it experienced an average 14 mm Hg greater drop in systolic blood pressure as well as an average 8 mm Hg greater drop in diastolic blood pressure. It should be noted that no patients took any blood pressure medication during the study.

Findings from this study were reported in the Journal of Human Hypertension.

As “spinal engineers,” chiropractors “in the know” often help alleviate people’s high blood pressure problem with what’s known as an “Atlas adjustment.”

What are some causes of high blood pressure? Excess weight, drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough exercise, and taking in too much saturated fat and salt can all contribute to the problem. High blood pressure is a very common problem for many people.

Those with high blood pressure should consider a visit to New City Chiropractic in Lakeland to see if a drugless, painless, surgically free approach to lowering blood pressure can help lower it overall, rather than resorting to medications. Chiropractic care in the upper cervical area (the neck area) can also help relieve headaches, herniated discs, as well as neck and back pain.

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