Chiropractic Doctor Lakeland FL – Asthma Issues

Chiropractic Doctor Lakeland FL – Asthma Issues

Chiropractic_doctor_Lakeland_FLYour chiropractic doctor Lakeland FL, Dr. Barker can help you battle your breathing problems. If you have congestion and breathing problems, and/or you deal with allergies and asthma, chiropractic care is something to consider.

Since our bodies depend on breathing in order to live, it’s vitally important that we breathe as best we can. Interestingly, most people do not use their full lung capacity, unless they’re exercising perhaps.

Did you know your diaphragm is a large sheet of muscle involved in the breathing process? It separates the lungs from the abdomen and if your abdominal muscles aren’t strong, your diaphragm cannot work properly, limiting your lung capacity. Chiropractic can work the muscles involved in filling the lungs and emptying the lungs so you breathe better. There are also muscles between your ribs as well as muscles in the chest and neck that can be manipulated so that they’re able to more fully handle exertion.

Oftentimes people with poor posture also have poor breathing, and they also experience chronic neck and back pain. Therefore, extra stress is put on the muscles in your body designed to help you breathe “normally.”

With chiropractic care, you can breathe easier without the use of drugs or surgery. Your body has the power to heal itself; you just need a chiropractor to make adjustments to it so that everything works properly. Less stress on the muscles means an easier time breathing.

Furthermore, chiropractic care when dealing with breathing problems involves the spine and its surrounding nervous system. When the spine is properly aligned, the nervous system works well. If, however, there’s pinched thoracic nerves, your lungs aren’t able to expand and contract as they should. Watch the video to see how chiropractic can help with breathing problems.

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