Chiropractic Offices Lakeland

Chiropractic Offices Lakeland

Chiropractic_offices_LakelandAt the chiropractic offices Lakeland of Dr. Barker, patients have experienced relief from high blood pressure. Though it may seem strange to some to consider visiting chiropractic offices Lakeland for help with blood pressure problems, here’s the deal: a specific type of neck adjustment can help reduce hypertension.

Research by the University of Chicago, published in the Journal of Human Hypertension, examined the connection between a spinal realignment (which is what chiropractors do) and a decrease in blood pressure. The results showed promise, as patients receiving chiropractic care experienced blood pressure drops averaging 17 points.

A chiropractor pays special attention to the C-1 vertebra at the top of the spine. If it’s twisted, arteries and nerves at the neck’s base get pinched which negatively affects blood flow. Therefore, the chiropractor uses manipulation to realign the spine to not only take away the pain but also stabilize blood pressure.

Other ways to lower one’s blood pressure include making lifestyle changes. By losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising, as well as limiting alcohol and sodium and caffeine, you can naturally lower your blood pressure.

A visit to the chiropractic offices Lakeland can be seen as aiding in the lowering of your blood pressure as well as helping you become less stressed. Dr. Barker works well at putting patients into correct alignment, removing subluxations (blockages) so blood flow can be ideal rather than impeded.

Since 70 million Americans deal with high blood pressure on a regular basis, chances are you or someone you love could use a drug-free approach to treating it. Rather than relying on pills, consider visiting the chiropractic offices Lakeland residents trust in order to seek a natural solution to your problems.

Call New City Chiropractic at 863-940-3444 to make an appointment to see the doctor and discuss your blood pressure issues. Relief from high blood pressure is available.

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