If you’re an adult of a certain age, you probably remember a time in school when you and your classmates went down to the nurse’s office for a scoliosis screening. Basically, they were looking for kids who had a spine that curved to the side. Scoliosis is a condition whereas the spine curves to the side, and this often occurs in the chest area and/or the lower back area of a person. Interestingly, this curve of the spine may correct itself on its own as a child grows up. However, it’s not unusual for a child with scoliosis to wear a brace and/or have some physical therapy or chiropractic care, to help encourage the body to “right itself” naturally.

For those with scoliosis at any age, there can be chronic pain and/or difficulty breathing. Ask someone with scoliosis if they have a harder time exercising than the average person and they’ll most likely reply, “Definitely!”

The cause(s) of scoliosis are generally not known. More females than males deal with this problem, and even babies can be affected. If, for instance, you notice a bulge on one side of a baby’s chest, they may be showing a symptom of scoliosis that will need to be addressed down the line. As kids get older, those affected with scoliosis might notice the clothes they wear don’t seem to hang properly on their body.

Some of the ways scoliosis is determined include looking for uneven leg lengths, one shoulder blade higher than the other, one hip more prominent than the other, ribs at different heights rather than symmetrical, and if a person leans to one side.

For the majority of people, scoliosis isn’t painful, but some people do experience back pain because of it, especially if the person is an adult.

Can chiropractic care help someone who has scoliosis? Yes! Regular chiropractic adjustments help to improve the body’s form and function, inducing mobility into the joints. Easily put, think of this as beneficial exercise for stuff inside of your body.

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