Inflammation leads to pressure and then pain. Many of us deal with this in one way or another every single day of our lives, from headaches to backaches and then some. While a lot of us head straight to pills to temporarily relieve pain, there are also many people who would rather avoid putting pills into their body. Can the body heal itself, naturally? Time and time again, it has, it can and it will. Chiropractors believe this and they help it happen by using their hands as well as their knowledge of the body’s systems and internal parts, in order to “set things right.”

If you’ve heard the term “essential oils and chiropractic care,” you might be asking yourself, “What do they have to do with chiropractors?” Well, essential oils and chiropractors have similar ambitions and results. Both aim to increase a person’s circulation, calm/relax muscle tissue, and, best of all, decrease a person’s soreness and discomfort. So would a chiropractor be a good person to ask about essential oils? Yes.

Essential oils are unique because they are 100% pure and natural. They come from plants and are good for you. Able to absorb into the bloodstream via your skin and benefit your body quickly, essential oils are generally thought to be therapeutic with medicinal-like, healing qualities.

Found in seeds, bark, roots, flowers and elsewhere, essential oils come from plants. As a bonus, they typically smell good, too. Consider incorporating some of these essential oils into your daily routine:

Cypress: improves circulation
Eucalyptus: good for relieving respiratory issues; helps purify the body
Frankincense: reduces inflammation
Ginger: also reduces inflammation; supports joints
Peppermint: muscle pain relief
Tea tree oil: stimulates the immune system

Please note that using essential oils is almost always healthy, but there are two times people should be careful/avoid usage: when using heart medications (blood thinners) and/or when a woman is pregnant. It’s important to do some research before starting an essential oil regimen so you know what you’re using and how it can affect you.

If you’d like more information about essential oils– which to buy, how to use them, and what their specific health benefits are– please visit New City Chiropractic Center. For an appointment, call 845-634-8877.