lakeland florida weight lossIn theory we know we should eat healthier and exercise more, but in reality it’s a lot easier to fall asleep on the couch after eating potato chips and watching a movie. Even though we make New Year’s resolutions to change, it can be hard to actually change, right? Sure, we’d love to lose weight, be fit, and feel good, but that takes some work and accountability.

Gyms are busy in January when people stick to their New Year’s resolutions, but come February gyms begin to empty out. Why is that? Oftentimes people have great intentions to lose some weight after eating so much food around the holidays, but they don’t have guidance or others cheering them on. Going to the gym alone, with no one to “show you the ropes,” can get boring. Contrast that with having someone to exercise with, who keeps you accountable, and it’s typically a much better deal. Indeed, when a group of people can work together toward a goal, such as weight loss, good things happen… consider how Weight Watchers helps lots of people lose weight thanks to weekly “check-in” meetings and such.

Did you ever consider that your chiropractor can help you lose weight? A chiropractor is much more than just a “backache fixer.” Through holistic, non-invasive practices, a chiropractor adjusts your body so it’s not misaligned. Think of your body as having many highway systems inside of it. If all the paths are clear, that’s good. If there’s a blockage somewhere, it’s like a crash where traffic backs-up and that’s bad. When you’ve got a misaligned spine, for instance, that can contribute to weight gain because your body’s in pain and it’s harder for you to move. Think about it: if you physically feel out-of-sorts, you’re not likely to run a marathon or even want to bike around the block.

Having a chiropractor relieve and/or eliminate your internal blockages can help you get back to a physically active lifestyle, which, in turn, leads to weight loss.
Also, chiropractors can and will give you advice on exercises that’ll help strengthen your body, as well as nutritional tips.