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Lakeland_chiropracticNew City Chiropractic is your Lakeland chiropractic care center for tinnitus relief. If you’ve experienced problems with your ears such as seemingly constant ear infections, loss of hearing, and the aforementioned tinnitus (a ringing in the ears), then you should consider a visit to Dr. Barker. He’ll provide chiropractic care intended to help you enjoy music again, have better focus in life, as well as read, sleep and do other “normal” activities without suffering from intense ear troubles.

Tinnitus is an interesting thing; it isn’t a condition. It’s actually a symptom of something else, which could be age-related hearing loss, a circulatory system disorder or perhaps injury to the ear. Tinnitus involves the person’s perception that they’re hearing a persistent noise or ringing in their ear or ears. It’s annoying, for sure.

Even when no external sounds are present, people with tinnitus perceive what could best be called “phantom noises” in their ears. These noises have been described by sufferers as ringing, buzzing, hissing, and clicking, among other words.

With tinnitus, sometimes the noise is in just one ear, while other times it’s in both. It can be low or high-pitched. It can come and go or linger all the time.

Subjective tinnitus, which is common, can have several causes, including problems with auditory nerves and pathways. Objective tinnitus, which is rare, may be due to a blood vessel problem, ear bone problem or muscle contractions.

Tinnitus and other ear problems can stem from nerve problems, TMJ disorders, and head or neck injuries. Meanwhile, people with high blood pressure often experience a more intense tinnitus. Your Lakeland chiropractic doctor can use natural treatments by hand to help relieve blockages in your body to therefore give you relief from ear problems.

Left untreated, ear problems can stress a person out, causing them memory problems, depression and anxiety, as well as fatigue and sleep problems.

Call New City Chiropractic at 863-940-3444 for Lakeland chiropractic care regarding ear problems bothering you.

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