Welcome Letter from New City Chiropractic

Welcome Letter from New City Chiropractic

I want to welcome you to New City Chiropractic. If you’re reading this you’re most likely sick and tired of some aspect of your health. For myself, I had chronic neck pain, dizziness, scoliosis and numbness/tingling for years. So whatever health valley you’re currently going through, I get it.

You see, health is actually your body’s true natural state. If you are sick, injured, or in pain, your body is designed to get well. Think about it, if you cut your leg what would your body do in a few days? Exactly, Heal! So if your body can heal your cuts, why isn’t it healing your lungs, heart, thyroid, legs and arms or whatever you’re suffering with? Somewhere your body’s healing ability is being interfered with, it’s being blocked!

Rather than just masking and hiding your symptoms with medications, are goal is to get down to the CAUSE of your issue. When you do this, your body has the ability to begin healing properly. At New City Chiropractic, it’s truly about you. We pride ourselves on quality care, customer service, and 100% integrity. We focus not only on helping you achieve optimal health, but to educate and empower you to make lasting health changes for your family and loved ones. Our vision is to create a city free of unnecessary sickness and disease. Picture what that would look like, a New City!

As Forest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” This is the problem in chiropractic, you really never know what you’re going to get. For this reason we always strive to be transparent in what we offer and don’t offer. New City Chiropractic focuses on structural corrective based chiropractic care using the most current techniques and technology to deliver you the best results. Let’s be completely honest, at the end of the day it’s all about results. We are constantly researching the newest advances in our field in order to give you the best up-to-date care and treatment out there. This is our promise.

I would never ask you to do something I haven’t done or continue to do. These principles and type of care has changed my life and family’s life forever. To this day all my health issues are gone, and I am healthier now at close to 30 then I was at just 18 years old. These principles of health and healing have worked for my family, and I am excited to share them with yours. My team and I will do whatever it takes to help you reach your health potential. We look forward to getting to the CAUSE of your problem.

-Dr. Chris Barker

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