Lakeland Neck Pain

Lakeland Neck Pain

If you sit at a computer all day, chances are you rarely move your neck. It tightens up and starts to hurt. Repeatedly doing this, day after day, brings you something you don’t want: a chronic pain in the neck!

New City Chiropractic’s Dr. Barker is your Lakeland neck pain doctor. When you have neck pain, stiffness, numbness and tingling, and you want it gone, you need to see Dr. Barker. He’s great at neck pain relief as well as alleviating tension between your shoulders. You don’t have to feel less productive than you should be– Dr. Barker’s chiropractic care can get you feeling better quickly so you’re ready to get back to work.

Why choose chiropractic care for neck pain? Well, if you don’t have neck pain bogging you down, then you have increased productivity, more energy and the freedom to accomplish what you want to do without persistent pain in your neck and/or shoulders.

Consider this: your neck has a big job to do, daily. It supports the full weight of your head and contains several small vertebrae. Because your neck is flexible, it’s also susceptible to injury via accidents and aging.

Ever known someone with whiplash? That’s when their neck is jerked suddenly such that the muscles in the neck tightened up really fast. After that, muscle fatigue sets in, which leads to pain and stiffness in their neck. Oftentimes you’ll hear of people getting whiplash during car crashes. Whiplash is no joke– it can mess with a person’s discs, ligaments and nerve roots. Dr. Barker can help treat whiplash.

Besides whiplash, neck pain can come from a variety of sources like poor posture and obesity. Lakeland neck pain chiropractor Dr. Barker performs neck adjustments using hands-on manipulation to joints of the neck. These adjustments improve your spine’s mobility and range of motion, helping it heal naturally. Chiropractic care for neck pain is used to improve your ability to turn and tilt your head while taking away pain, soreness and stiffness.

Lakeland neck pain sufferers do not necessarily need drugs or surgery for relief; Dr. Barker’s chiropractic care at New City Chiropractic in Lakeland can help take away pains in the neck and shoulders naturally. Call 863-940-3444 to make an appointment today.

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