Have you ever found yourself sitting at the computer for hours on end, barely moving? This happens to a lot of us. We get so entranced with what’s on the screen that we don’t move our bodies at all, for hours and hours at a time. Guess what happens? You get neck pain. The best advice for a person who spends a lot of time either looking at a computer screen, TV screen or smartphone is this: don’t allow yourself to become so “frozen” in one spot for too long. Instead, remember to move your head side-to-side and up-and-down every few minutes. Get the blood flowing.

The problem of our modern age is that we don’t move our bodies enough– necks and heads included.

With neck pain, you can have a stiff neck which makes it difficult to turn your head. Or you can have a sharp/stabbing pain in one spot. Does your neck feel sore or tender? Is the neck pain interfering with your ability to get a good night’s sleep?

Consider seeing Dr. Justin Bergin at New City Chiropractic. He can help manipulate your cervical spine into a comfortable position, in order to relieve you of your neck pain. Your cervical spine starts at the base of the skull. It goes through seven vertebral segments and then connects to the thoracic (chest) part of the spine. If you were to look at your cervical spine, you’d see facet joints connecting vertebrae, discs, and nerve roots. These things work together to allow you to make forward, backward and twisting motions. If, for example, your discs are working well, then they provide cushioning, spacing and coordination such that you feel good in your neck and elsewhere. However, sometimes a disc can slip out of place. Or a joint is a little “off” due to the growth of a bone spur. Maybe the nerve roots are experiencing inflammation– they’re compressed or pinched for whatever reason. With the cervical spine, if something’s not in balance, you’re likely to have pain and problems.

A chiropractor is often the first person a neck pain sufferer thinks to call, with good reason. Chiropractors like Dr. Justin Bergin have a keen sense of what’s going on underneath the skin as it relates to the spine. Chiropractors are in the business of moving things around, manually, so that the body can heal itself of pains– in the neck, the back, etc. For an appointment to see Dr. Justin Bergin about your current neck pain, please call 863-940-3444.