New City Chiropractic Helps Get Rid Of Headaches

New City Chiropractic Helps Get Rid Of Headaches

New City Chiropractic in Lakeland, Florida, is the place to go if you’ve been bothered by headaches. If you’ve ever suffered through a migraine, you know that you want to avoid noise, light, and life because having a migraine is so painful. It almost seems to take over your whole world to the point where you can’t do anything else. Besides migraines, many people suffer from cluster headaches and tension headaches as well.

New City Chiropractic’s Dr. Barker is in the business of helping people in the Polk County and Tampa region. As an experienced and thoughtful chiropractor, Dr. Barker can make hands-on adjustments to your neck and upper spine to help alleviate headaches.

When a chiropractor performs an adjustment, the goal is to re-align a bone that is out of its proper position. When a bone moves out of place it can block the nerve, much like a kinked garden hose. By removing the blockage, the body can now send messages and therefore work and function properly. There’s no need for pills or surgery, as the chiropractor gets to the cause of the problem rather than masking the underlying issue.

New City Chiropractic is where to go in Lakeland if you suffer from tension headaches. Dr. Barker is able to adjust your upper two cervical vertebrae, as well as the cervical and thoracic spine, in order to provide you relief from tension headache pain and suffering. He can get rid of that dull, achy feeling you’ve got behind your eyes and around your forehead. Tension, coupled with stress and bad posture, can lead to headaches. Dr. Barker can help you alleviate the pain and teach you valuable ways to avoid future flare-ups by getting to the cause of the problem.

All too often people miss out on life’s daily pleasures because they’re suffering with an awful headache. They avoid going to their children’s or grandchildren’s sporting events, parties, or daily events.

If headaches have been a major part of your life, call us. We have given many people their lives back by reducing or eliminating their headaches. New City Chiropractic in Lakeland is here to help headache sufferers find relief. Call 863-940-3444 to make your appointment today.

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