Everyone has a thyroid gland. It’s part of the endocrine system and located in the front of the neck and produces hormones which maintain your body’s metabolism, which involves a series of chemical reactions that burn calories. So, when you take food in that gives you energy, if you’re thyroid is working well, the body ends up burning calories as it should. What often happens, though, is a person’s thyroid either over or under-functions. When this happens, you’ve got thyroid disease. In some cases, the gland itself increases in size, making it difficult to swallow and/or giving you a pain in the neck.

There are several symptoms associated with thyroid disease. If the gland is in overfunctioning mode, it’s called hyperthyroidism and a person might experience a tremor in the body, a racing heartbeat, palpitations, and/or nervousness, mental fogginess, and an inability to concentrate. If the gland isn’t giving enough thyroid hormones to the body, it’s called hypothyroidism, and a person typically feels sluggish, depressed, and finds it hard to concentrate.

For women, hypothyroidism can involve excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding, whereas hyperthyroidism is the opposite: hardly any menstrual flow.

If and when the thyroid is underactive, a person tends to feel bloated and probably ends up gaining weight. They might also experience various muscle aches and pains and complain about feeling cold all the time.

While none of these aforementioned symptoms are exclusive to thyroid disease, if you are experiencing some of them you might want to consult a doctor and run some tests. Furthermore, many people with thyroid issues turn to chiropractic care for help to relieve their neck and muscle pain. Indeed, those with thyroid issues typically have several musculoskeletal complaints, including headaches, back pain caused by obesity, and poor recovery from muscle injury. Therefore, hands-on chiropractic care can help them feel better overall.

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