Weight loss and Chiropractic? Find out here!

Weight loss and Chiropractic? Find out here!

“You’re going to a chiropractor to lose weight?” asked Sheila. “Yes, and it’s helping,” replied Miriam. “I thought chiropractors were all about fixing people’s lower back problems.” “Well, they do a lot more than that, and even though it sounds odd, my chiropractor has helped me lose 10 pounds.” “Hmmm, interesting.”

As more and more people deal with the “battle of the bulge” these days, and losing weight seems to be harder than ever, isn’t it interesting that some folks are finding weight loss success thanks to regular chiropractic care?

Indeed, chiropractors help people lose weight by taking a holistic approach to a person’s health and wellness needs. Besides offering nutritional guidance, chiropractors function well as “someone to check in with,” to monitor progress. People often have a hard time achieving goals on their own without any accountability. By “checking in” with their chiropractor about the foods they’re eating, the drinks they’re drinking, the exercises they are or aren’t doing, etc., this accountability helps spur them toward success.

What’s particularly appealing about chiropractic care is that it’s drug free. You don’t have to take a pill to lose weight! The chiropractor helps you figure out what problems you’re dealing with and then custom designs a plan to deal with those problems. For instance, maybe you have a hard time moving your body because your spine is out of whack. A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation techniques to align it properly so you have enhanced flexibility, without too much pressure on your spinal cords. In essence, you’ll feel better so it won’t hurt so much to do physical activities that help lead to weight loss. Furthermore, a spinal adjustment can help your body improve its absorption of essential nutrients. Massage is also helpful to improve a person’s well-being. A good massage from a chiropractor can reduce stress, putting the body at ease so that it’s functioning as intended.

If you’ve made up your mind that you want to go somewhere and find someone to help you achieve full body wellness, visit New City Chiropractic Center in order to “get into shape” and lose weight. For an appointment, call 845-634-8877.

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