Should your head snap downward during an auto accident, with your chin moving toward your neck while your body is thrown forward and then your head snaps backward, chances are you’ve experienced whiplash. When this happens, the muscles and ligaments supporting your neck, head and jaw are thrown “out of whack.” Who can help restore their natural positions? A chiropractor like Dr. Justin Bergin can, that’s who.

Whiplash is no joke. If your head weighs about 11 pounds and 500 pounds of force are put on your neck during a crash, you’re bound to get things like bad headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. Other symptoms of whiplash may include dizziness, blurry vision, trouble swallowing, and ringing in the ears.

A chiropractor’s job is to help joints and muscles heal themselves to the point where you’re no longer in constant pain. They use their hands to manipulate soft tissues toward their proper positions. If and when soft tissues are not in their proper positions, pain occurs. Therefore it’s imperative that they “return to normal” for a person’s sanity and overall well-being. Otherwise, the pain can be excruciatingly relentless, and that’s no way to live.

While whiplash victims often notice their neck hurting, attention should also be paid to the jaw. There could very well be pain in and around the jaw joints, to the point where they’re clicking or popping. For some, it’s hard to open the mouth like they used to, and it can be difficult to bring the teeth together, too.

So, imagine if you have mouth and jaw trouble resulting from a car crash. That means you have a harder time doing things you need to do to function in society– things like speaking, chewing and swallowing. Obviously you should get some help, and a chiropractor who knows all about the various parts of the body is someone you should make an appointment to see.

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