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Common Headaches

Forward head posture is a common cause of headaches. For every inch of forward head posture, it will increase the weight of the head on the spine by 10 pounds. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Forward head posture leads to long term headaches, muscle strain, arthritis and pinched nerves.” Medications fail to alleviate headaches because they focus on masking the symptom without addressing the underlying cause. See Article Here

“I use to have headaches that would last days on end. I would have to lye down and be in a dark room for hours. Since starting chiropractic care, I have fewer headaches that last a shorter amount of time. It has really changed my life.”
-Rachael H.

Migraine Headaches

Medications can often be used to treat Migraines. Studies have shown that this can lead to unwanted complications and side effects while research has shown that Chiropractic is very effective for treating headaches and migraines. Click on the image to the right for an informational video.

“I to have 2-3 headaches a week and I have only had 2 since starting chiropractic care!”
– Maria Ortiz.

“I had countless MRI’s, catscans and testing to try and figure out why I was having headaches. The doctors showed me that my head was almost 2 inchs forward. Since correcting my neck I have not had a headache in over 2 months. This not only gave me answers, but changed my life.”
-Amanda R.

lakeland_fl_chiropractor_testimonials“ I had migraine headaches and knee and ankle pain. I have taken Motrin for years which just mask’s the problems. Since starting care at New City, I no longer get Migraines! I have almost no pain in my ankle or knees with overall more energy!”
-Jessica M.