Scoliosis treatment Lakeland FloridaIf you  have scoliosis or suspect that your symptoms match those of the condition, you should seek scoliosis treatment from a chiropractor at New City Chiropractic in Lakeland, Florida. In most cases the condition can be corrected with chiropractic scoliosis treatment, without surgery. Scoliosis is something that most young people are tested for in school. If your school alerts you that your child has symptoms of scoliosis, we urge you to take them to their pediatrician and/or chiropractor for an official diagnosis and treatment.

Can Scoliosis be Corrected by a Chiropractor?

Scoliosis can be corrected with chiropractic treatment at any age but it is easier to treat scoliosis early in childhood. The accompanied spinal crookedness or curvature of the spine is a tell-tale sign of the condition, and although it is more difficult to treat with age it can be corrected in adults and seniors.

Children are checked by a physician to see whether their spine is straight or crooked in school. That’s why some children wear a brace around their back at a young age. And it’s also why their parents bring them to a chiropractor.

Scoliosis Symptoms

Scoliosis symptoms include uneven hips, uneven shoulders, a flared rib or shoulder blade, and the body leaning to one side. Chiropractors are spinal experts, and they can usually spot scoliosis symptoms at first sight. They can tell whether or not a person has a straight spine or one with a single curve or double curve without even using diagnostic scans.

Although scoliosis primarily begins during puberty when the body grows rapidly, it frequently goes undiagnosed. Many people have little or no discomfort associated with their scoliosis and only discover they have the condition during school or military screening. Individuals with symptomatic scoliosis often attribute the lower back painneck pain, numbness, and discomfort to other factors like exertion or sleeping awkwardly. Scoliosis symptoms may include the following:

  • Uneven posture

  • Chronic back pain that is relived when lying down

  • Weakness in legs

  • Numbness

  • Shoulders appear uneven when walking or standing

  • Waistline appears uneven

  • One shoulder blade appears overly prominent

  • Hips appear uneven when walking or standing

Complications if Left Untreated

As scoliosis advances, a person usually deals with chronic back pain, and, in some cases, they may experience lung and heart problems as well as nerve disorders.

Chiropractic Scoliosis Treatment

A scoliosis diagnosis is necessary before treatment can begin. After a thorough assessment and diagnosis, treatment can begin to stop the advancement of scoliosis and improve the spinal positioning so that it’s straighter and less curved.

Chiropractic care can help stretch the spine in order to help curves go away over time, with the end goal of complete spinal alignment and maintenance. Additionally, a chiropractor will make adjustments in order to reduce the angle of the scoliosis curve. The straighter the spine the better a person will feel and function in life.

While bracing and surgical procedures have been used to help people deal with scoliosis, chiropractic care is a less radical treatment alternative. Chiropractic adjustments over time can help reduce spinal curvature.

Rapid growth during the teen years as a person’s skeleton develops makes this the most common age for scoliosis to develop, although it can occur at any age. In general, scoliosis tends to be discovered between the ages of 10 and 15, and it’s more prevalent in girls.

Adam’s Test

A chiropractor can test for scoliosis by performing what’s known as the Adams test. A child is asked to bend forward to touch their toes and if one side of their ribs sits higher than the other, that indicates probable scoliosis.

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