People with chronic pain usually try a lot of things to get rid of their pain. For peripheral neuropathy, where they’ve got a persistent feeling of numbness, weakness and/or pain in their hands or feet, they may try a medication for relief. Typically, they take Gabapentin, also known as Neurotonin. This is an anticonvulsant drug that’s commonly prescribed for nerve pain. Does it work? Meh. It may provide mild relief, but consider the side effects: fatigue, memory loss, foggy thinking, etc. Is it worth it? Probably not!

Now pain is your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance. Meds may help short term, but what about a long term solution? A chiropractor wants to get to the root of your problem, which oftentimes has to do with your peripheral nerve having a problem somewhere “along the line.”

Chiropractic care is all about helping a person’s nerve cells function well. Thanks to a proper spinal alignment, done by the chiropractor’s expert hands, a person’s central nervous system can be improved to the point where their nerves conduct to the peripheral nervous system better than before– eliminating the numb hands or feet pain. Furthermore, the chiropractor can recommend what to add to a person’s diet so they’re getting the right kind of nutrition to prevent chronic nerve pain. For example, a person with peripheral neuropathy should definitely eat more raw fruits and veggies. These items are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They help get nutrients to damaged nerves so they can heal.

Did you know that peripheral neuropathy develops from other disorders like malnutrition or diabetes? A chiropractor ultimately works to align the body’s various systems so they’re all working well. Keep in mind that as people age, the vertebral joints of the spine may degenerate. When this happens, they can press on the roots of spinal nerves, and guess what: you’re likely to experience the symptoms of neuropathy.

Dr. Justin Bergin of New City Chiropractic is trained to relieve this pressure as he adjusts the spine to bring vertebrae back into alignment. Along the way, he releases trapped and/or compressed nerves. Dr. Justin Bergin can talk with you about the pain you’re feeling and then determine a course of action to help bring you some much needed relief. Please call 863-940-3444 for an appointment.