Thanks to ads on TV in recent times, more and more people know what IBS stands for: irritable bowel syndrome. Basically, IBS involves abdominal pain and changes in the pattern of a person’s bowel movements whereas diarrhea and constipation can be common. Generally, people with IBS complain that it messes with their daily lives, because they either have to worry about the messiness and grossness of diarrhea, or the intense pain and pushing of constipation. People with IBS typically have other problems at the same time, such as anxiety and depression. They can also feel chronically fatigued. When a person isn’t “regular” in the bathroom department, their whole day becomes a challenge.

Do we know what causes IBS, exactly? No. Some say it’s triggered by an intestinal infection, while others think it’s caused by stressful life events like deaths in a family.

For those suffering with IBS, experts often recommend adjusting the diet to see which foods “help” versus which foods “hurt.” For example, if the thick cheese on pizza causes bad constipation, regularly, a doctor or medical professional might recommend foregoing cheesy pizza. Some people switch to a gluten free diet; others take in more soluble fiber.

Generally, more women than men deal with IBS, and it generally starts before age 45. Thankfully, IBS doesn’t affect life expectancy; it’s just really annoying and frustrating if you’ve got it.

Can IBS “feel better” with chiropractic care? Yes. With IBS, your nervous system has a disruption somewhere. Perhaps stress has brought this on. Now if the nervous system isn’t functioning properly, your colon won’t function normally, either.

Could it be that a vertebra of yours is misaligned and putting pressure on a nerve, interrupting the normal signal? Your chiropractor can and will align the vertebrae in your lower spine, and something as simple as that could be the thing that lessens and/or stops your IBS.

Call New City Chiropractic at 863-940-3444 and make an appointment with Dr. Justin Bergin if you have IBS and want some relief. While there are no guarantees that chiropractic care will get rid of IBS, it has helped many people over time, so it’s worth a try.