We put a lot of pressure on our knees. The heavier we are– weight-wise– the more pressure our knees endure. Research has shown that for each pound of body weight lost, there’s a four pound reduction in knee joint stress. So, losing weight helps lighten the load on your knee joints.

Our knees matter, because we use them for everyday activities, from getting out of bed to climbing stairs and anything else which involves bending, walking or full body movement.

If and when you experience knee pain then you know how awful it feels. For some people, they decide to live with the pain. Others start to give up doing things they used to love to do simply because their knees “can’t take it.” And, as you’d imagine, many people gobble up pills to try and take the knee pain away, at least temporarily.

For those with knee pain who would like to experience natural healing, consider chiropractic care. A chiropractor may use soft tissue massage on the knee in order to improve its range-of-motion. He or she typically performs manual adjustments at and near the knee in order to reduce inflammation in these areas as well.

So when is it time to make an appointment at New City Chiropractic Center in Rockland County to deal with knee pain? If the pain is messing up your day-to-day life and you can’t do the things you want to do, such as go grocery shopping or play on your softball team, then it’s time to call New City. If you’ve taken pills and rested but still don’t feel better over time, then consider chiropractic care. Or, if someone in authority told you, “Well, nothing can be done; just live with it,” then it’s time for a second opinion.

Knee joints are connected to many other parts of the body, such that a chiropractor will deal with your hip, pelvis, lower back, and perhaps even your ankles and feet. A chiropractor’s aim is to put everything into alignment– into its proper place– to therefore reduce inflammation. By doing this, pressure is reduced. Pain is reduced too. Chiropractic manipulation techniques have the ability to help the body heal itself naturally, without pills, so that you get your normal knee movement abilities back.

If you have– or think you have– knee pain, visit New City Chiropractic Center in order to improve your range-of-motion and get back to the activities you want to do. For an appointment, call 845-634-8877.