chiropractic-doctor-lakeland-floridaWhen kids are in grade school, they’re often checked by the school nurse for various things, such as scoliosis, which is where a person’s spine curves to the side. It often occurs during the growth spurt just before puberty, so kids in elementary school are likely to be the ones “getting it.” There are about 3 million cases per year, so it’s fairly common.

For some kids, scoliosis means they wear a back brace in an effort to straighten their spine over time. In some cases, there’s a surgery involved.

Scoliosis can also occur in adults, whereas doctors often say, “Well, there’s nothing we can do so you’ll just have to live with it.” This can be discouraging. After all, having scoliosis can be painful!

Thankfully, chiropractors have had success in helping people, young or old, deal with their scoliosis in such a way that it has improved. While there’s no cure for it, at least it can be treated to the point where people see improvements.

Did you know chiropractic care is the most commonly utilized type of alternative treatment for scoliosis in this country?

What can be done? Chiropractic care for scoliosis focuses on relieving pain while restoring mobility. A chiropractor uses hand manipulations to lengthen and strengthen a person’s weakened muscles on the concave sides of their curve. This is done to relax the muscles on the opposite side of the spine. Those muscles are straining to hold the body up– they need some relief. In essence, a chiropractor helps put a person into “alignment” as best they can.

Generally, chiropractors want to restore the good curves in your spine. They may use an adjusting instrument to deliver certain forces into the bones of your neck to coax it into its ideal position. Adjustments may also be made to the back and hips. After all, in your body everything is connected. Furthermore, a chiropractor may advise the patient on doing exercises daily in order to achieve best results. These exercises may focus on improving a person’s balance and strength.

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