Our lives are filled with stress. If it’s not dealing with bad news of the world, from hurricanes to terrorism, it’s personal problems, like screaming kids, pants that are too tight, or delayed flights. We live in an increasingly tense and stressful world. Oftentimes that translates into dreaded tension headaches. Do you ever get a dull, achy feeling behind your eyes and around your forehead? If so, you get tension headaches. They’re typically caused by stress, though sometimes they’re brought on by something like bad posture. No matter what the cause, they’re annoying.

Those with tension headaches have a hard time enjoying the very activities they would like to enjoy. For example, a mom with a tension headache would like to cheer her son on at his soccer game, but that nagging headache gets the best of her. She’s annoyed by the loud, shouting parents nearby. The sun shining in her eyes is also causing her trouble. All she can do is dream of being at home in bed, under the covers, in a quiet room with an ice pack on her head.

Are you someone who suffers with too many tension headaches in your life? Do you feel like you’re missing out on life’s pleasurable moments because your head seems to constantly hurt? Perhaps the pain is originating in the neck and/or spine. Now you could take pills for relief, but there is a better, safer solution: chiropractic care for tension headaches.

A chiropractor like Dr. Justin Bergin of New City Chiropractic in Lakeland, Florida, knows how to help people find much needed relief from tension headaches. “Spinal manipulation” and hands-on adjustments can be made in order to help your body heal itself naturally to the point where your stress is relieved. Rather than carrying tension in your back, neck, shoulders or forehead, a chiropractor helps put internal things “back in order” so they’re properly placed and avoiding inflammation. For instance, a chiropractor might manipulate the upper two cervical vertebrae as well as adjust the junction point where the cervical and thoracic spine meet in order to alleviate your headaches. If that sounds “technical” to you, it is. There’s a certain way chiropractors know how to manipulate various parts of the body in order to cause pain to go away in certain places– that’s one of the amazing things about chiropractic care.

Have tension headaches been messing with your ability to enjoy everyday life? Consider calling New City Chiropractic at 863-940-3444 and trying consistent chiropractic care for relief from headaches.