Looking for a Lakeland allergy doctor? If you suffer from breathing problems thanks to allergies and/or asthma, chiropractic care from Dr. Justin Bergin of New City Chiropractic can help with these issues.

When you can’t breath easily, it’s hard to accomplish things you’d normally like to do in the Florida sun, like riding your bike, going for a walk, or enjoying a day at the beach. Allergies know no boundaries and don’t discriminate. That’s why Dr. Justin Bergin is here to help you deal with them naturally.

Besides allergies, many Floridians have asthma. It’s no fun, especially in the taxing Florida heat. Asthma works like this: allergens or over-exertion cause spasms in air passageways in the lungs which then become congested with mucus making it hard to breathe. If you’ve ever seen someone wheezing or coughing uncontrollably they’re probably having an asthma attack.

Though traditional treatments for asthma and allergy problems exist, consider meeting with Dr. Justin Bergin to get to the cause of the issue. As a Lakeland allergy doctor, Dr. Justin Bergin uses his expert knowledge of the body to help relieve blockages in your body that cause these problems.

As a Lakeland allergy doctor, Dr. Justin Bergin knows that your neck and diaphragm are connected in a way that allows you to breathe properly. Should you have vertebral misalignments to these areas your breathing ability will become compromised. These misalignments can be corrected through proper chiropractic care. Watch our video on how chiropractic can help you:

Rather than resorting to pills or drugs, your Lakeland allergy doctor takes a natural approach, helping the body essentially heal itself by finding and removing the cause of the problem. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing problems and want to identify and correct the underlying root of the problem. Call Dr. Justin Bergin at 863-940-3444 or email us at [email protected] for a consultation.