New City Chiropractic is your Lakeland FL Neck Pain Doctor and we can help you restore motion to stiff joints which causes neck pain.

Since your neck is made up of vertebrae, if one or more of them shifts out of alignment they can “pinch” the nerves running between them. The result? Neck pain.

Why do people get pinched nerves? There are several causes, including poor posture, using a flat pillow, or your neck being forced beyond its normal range of motion. When your neck moves forward and backward or from side to side suddenly, you get whiplash. Tendons and ligaments in the neck get torn and you get pain. It’s not uncommon for people in car accidents to get whiplash.

If you’re experiencing neck pain you should make an appointment to see if the bones are out of the proper position in your neck. If the neck pain doesn’t go away after a few days, this may be a sign of a bone and nerve issue. If your neck pain started within a few days of a car accident, definitely see the doctor. When over-the-counter pain medications aren’t doing enough good and you can’t look to the left or right without severe pain, you need professional help. Keep in mind that neck pain can extend all the way down to your hands and wrists. It’s not something to be casual about; it needs attention.

Dr. Justin Bergin and his staff can conduct a consultation and exam to figure out what’s going on with your neck and what can be done to help you feel better. The doctor will check for tenderness and numbness and tingling to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.

Besides whiplash injury’s, neck pain can be caused by falling down, lifting something incorrectly, or making any abnormal motions your body isn’t used to; your Lakeland FL neck pain doctor’s job is to realign your vertebrae to restore normal motion and function to your neck.

After adjustments and alignments are done, you’ll be asked to pay better attention to maintaining good posture when you sit or stand, as well as be encouraged to take breaks when sitting in one position for a long time (like looking at a computer screen for work).

If the neck pain starts to radiate down the shoulder and into the hands, this is a sign of nerve damage. Watch the video on how chiropractic can help.

To make an appointment with your Lakeland FL Neck Pain Doctor, call 863-940-3444 or email [email protected].