Suffering from painful ringing in your ears, or tinnitus? Dr. Justin Bergin provides chiropractic tinnitus treatment in Lakeland, Florida that can bring you much needed relief. Don’t continue to suffer, we can help treat tinnitus naturally.

About Tinnitus

Ask around and you’re likely to find out people you know and love are suffering with tinnitus. It’s quite common, with about 1 in 5 people dealing with the perception of noise or ringing in the ears.

Interestingly, tinnitus isn’t a condition itself, but rather the symptom of an underlying condition. For some, it’s related to their age– the older they get, the more hearing loss they experience. Maybe they’ve had an ear injury or perhaps there’s something going wrong with their circulatory system.

A lot of people assume tinnitus comes from attending too many overtly loud rock concerts and standing close to the speakers– well, that doesn’t help anyone’s hearing, that’s for sure!

Tinnitus Symptomstinnitus treatment chiropractor

Tinnitus is typically referred to as “ringing in the ears,” but other perceived sounds can occur, from whistling to clicking and then some. Do you hear a hiss in your ears? Or a buzz? If it’s a persistent sound that doesn’t seem to go away, day after day, you might have tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatment

People have tried all sorts of treatments to get rid of the ringing in their ears. Some people use behavioral therapy, while others attempt electromagnetic stimulation. Pill poppers use antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds, while those who prefer natural healing tend to change up their diet and lifestyle to see if anything helps. Despite all these efforts, it’s really hard to see any changes!

Interestingly, what if going to a chiropractor could help with the symptoms of tinnitus? Aren’t chiropractors all about treating back and neck pain, though? While they are typically associated with those two areas of the body, it turns out chiropractors have the ability to work on other parts of the body and relieve painful problems over time with hands-on adjustments.

Proven Chiropractic Care for Tinnitus

For tinnitus, in particular, there have been some documented cases where people have found some relief from the annoying problem.

A 2002 study, for example, chronicled a 41-year-old woman’s 9 visits to a chiropractor. She showed improvement and resolution of bilateral ear pain, tinnitus, vertigo and headaches thanks to chiropractic care.

A 2012 study talked about a 52-year-old man’s tinnitus, as well as vertigo, tension headaches, mid-back pain, and other musculoskeletal complaints being reduced after 4 adjustments/5 weeks of chiropractic care.

Then, in 2014, a case study mentioned that a 46-year-old woman tried seeing a medical doctor for several months to no avail, but then, after 3 chiropractic adjustments, her tinnitus and neck pain decreased. She also got back her normal hearing.

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