For bedwetting issues Lakeland FL relies on New City Chiropractic. You’re probably thinking, “What does a chiropractor have to do with bedwetting issues Lakeland FL?”

Bedwetting has to do with a spinal reflex called the phrenic reflex. Babies tend to have a breathing pattern that gets really slow, whereas the mother thinks the kid is not breathing, followed by a shudder and deep breath and the normal breathing pattern is restored. What’s happening is that the phrenic reflex is stimulating the diaphragm which is a good thing.

When a child has an immature phrenic reflex, however, their smooth muscles relax involuntarily. Too much carbon dioxide builds up in their system. Their bladder valve relaxes to the point where they leak throughout the night. The urine escapes them involuntarily. They’re not wetting the bed on purpose.

While some bedwetting is pretty normal for infants, bedwetting issues can cause a lot of emotional pain when it’s happening at an older age. Bedwetting has been known to bother many youngsters–and older people– who feel there is something majorly wrong with them.  Interestingly, since the reflex develops more slowly in boys, they’re more likely than girls to be bedwetters. Nothing’s worse for a kid to go to a friend’s sleepover only to be teased for wetting the bed. Bedwetting adults also experience shame and embarrassment. There is a safe, natural solution to fixing bedwetting issues.

Sometimes the phrenic reflex is disturbed by a vertebral misalignment. Nerve interference therefore leads to bedwetting. The chiropractor’s job is to correct the misalignment to restore proper nerve function. Though chiropractic care doesn’t solve everyone’s bedwetting problems, it can definitely help the majority of patients.

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