family_chiropractor_lakelandThe family chiropractor Lakeland residents rely on is Dr. Justin Bergin at New City Chiropractic. Dr. Justin Bergin can help moms and dads with their upset babies.

Sometimes newborn babies experience a condition called colic. While they’re otherwise healthy, their repeated, excessive cries can stress parents out. Indeed, if a child is crying for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for at least one week, that can be defined as colic.

Colic is fairly common, starting a few weeks after birth and typically going away after the baby is 3 to 5 months old. If a baby seems to cry for no apparent reason, and it’s a predictable, intense crying complete with curled up legs, clenched fists and tensed ab muscles, you might want to see your family chiropractor Lakeland.

For your appointment with Dr. Justin Bergin, it’s a smart idea to bring with you some key information. For instance, write down when and how often your child cries. Also write down how you’ve tried to soothe the child, details about their feeding schedule and diet, and any questions on your mind. Dr. Justin Bergin can offer gentle, effective chiropractic care so you can have a healthier child with regular bowel movements, a fairly normal sleeping schedule, and less crying. Think of Dr. Justin Bergin as your ally in helping relieve any suffering your little one seems to be dealing with on a daily basis.

Chiropractic care for colicky babies can benefit parents. The less crying the baby does, the less stress the parents have. If and when a child cries incessantly and intensely, it can easily interfere with mother-baby bonding. It can also increase the chance of shaken baby syndrome and child abuse.

Dr. Justin Bergin, your family chiropractor Lakeland, can help restore normal function to your child’s nervous system and digestive tract so he or she happier and more content, with less crying. Dr. Justin Bergin finds vertebral subluxations causing disturbances in the body and then corrects them.

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